WTC Jaipur organizes Entrepreneurship Development Program

WTC Jaipur organizes Entrepreneurship Development Program

WTC Jaipur in association with Amity Business School organized “Entrepreneurship Development Program” at Amity University Auditorium on 19th September 2018 . With more than 150 participants attending the event , the speakers to the program Mr. Akhilesh Trivedi, Founder & CEO, StartupCheers; CA Piyush Mittal, Partner, AVPM & Associates, Jaipur and Mr. Prashant Pal, Founder & Director, SQS Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd.,  shared the time tested motivational points to ensure alive the spirit of entrepreneurship despite hurdles and failures.

The speakers, leaders in their own functional areas of supporting startups, suggested from baby steps to be taken right through mental designs to encounter difficult decision making standpoints that could either result in massive failures or led to life changing, disruptions altogether altering the way mankind behaves with technology as in the case of Infosys & Microsoft to the simple yet global ones like WhatsApp.

Mr. Trivedi said that “the factors that can lead to a successful startup are one’s passion, self-motivation and ability to overcome each social resistance.”

Mr. Prashant Pal said “ one should consider failure as an integral part of any startup.” He emphasized that “ One knows after failing time and again that the ultimate outcome is going to be fool proof and no one ever can get rejected by idea as its creator was, successes is bound to happen.”

Mr. Piyush emphasized “ financé in never the first requirement for all startup. 90% successful startups never needed it before the last 10 % of about be launched phase of any idea. What is a prerequisite is strategic thinking and knowing the target audience.”

Earlier in his welcome speech, Prof (Dr.) Arun Patil, Honorable President, Amity University Rajasthan, said that “ innovative thinking is todays need of the hour. A successful entrepreneur can not just create more employment but also foster an environment of unconventional and forward looking thinking process.’

Mr Navneet Agarwal, Asst. Director – WTC Jaipur proposed  vote of thanks to the august gathering.

In the pic : Dr. Arun Patil, President, Amity University Rajasthan addressing the participants

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