WTC Jaipur organizes interactive session with Dy. DGFT Jaipur

WTC Jaipur organizes interactive session with Dy. DGFT Jaipur

WTC Jaipur organized an interactive meeting with Mr. Chandrakant Mishra, I.T.S., Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade, for the benefit of impending exporters on 17th January 2019.
Addressing the participants, Mr. Mishra said, “ In future, businesses will continue to face marketing challenges such as what type of consumer to target- ranging from the bottom of the pyramid to the rich. Additionally, given the different dynamics of given countries it will be even more important to understand which countries present opportunities for growth. Also speed of innovation is going to lead the way. And no one country can afford to isolate itself by continuing to use age old methods of production resulting in unproductive hours and sub-standard output.”
Mr. Mishra added further “ In order for any business to maintain its customer acquisition rate, and to progress in general, it must follow trends and adapt to new situations. There are online tools and platforms that help businesses around the world change their approach, cut costs, and also advertise.” Mr. Mishra also shared with the participants emerging trends in global exports.
In response to questions raised by the exporters on the major initiatives taken by DGFT office to promote trade and improve Ease of Doing Business, Mr. Mishra briefly summarized the major initiatives relating to policy simplification, reducing cost of capital through interest subvention, document reduction, IT initiatives like online filing of applications, creation of trade portal and training and outreach activities.

Mr. Satish Raina from Jt. DGFT office said “number of mandatory documents required for exports and imports reduced to 3 each for export and import vis a vis from earlier requirement of 7 documents for exports and 10 for imports. ‘Aayat Niryat’ Forms have been simplified, bringing in clarity in different provisions, removing ambiguities and enhancing electronic governance.”

Mr. Mishra appreciated the effort of WTC Jaipur by bringing together the participates from diverse fields and suggested a follow-up roundtable March 2019.

Mr. Navneet Agarwal- Asst. Director – WTC Jaipur proposed vote of thanks.

(In the pic) : in center Mr. Chandrakant Mishra, I.T.S., Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade with the participants.

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