Workshop on Promoting Water Use Efficiency

Workshop on Promoting Water Use Efficiency

*Workshop on Promoting Water Use Efficiency was organized by World Trade Centre on the occasion of International Water Day on 22 March 2017 in Jaipur.

* Attended by Experts, Policy Makers, Diplomats, Government Officials, Entrepreneurs, NGO’s, Academicians, Corporate Houses, Restaurants & Hoteliers, Trade and Industry bodies and Students.

“Availability of water has been taken for granted till recently. But it is so no more. The rapid growth in population, coupled with increasing economic activities, has put a tremendous pressure on the available water resources. While we all have been speaking about water for long, still I personally feel that we are not very serious, we means industry, Govt and society. Two failed monsoons have left many parts of the country parched with very little water left in reservoirs. Water levels at 91 major reservoirs nationwide are the lowest in a decade – no more than 29 per cent, according to a recent study by the Central Water Commission (CWC).

Reservoirs in India’s eastern and central regions have the most water, with levels at 44 per cent and 36 per cent, respectively, of capacity; while levels in the south, west and north are 20 per cent, 26 per cent and 27 per cent, respectively, according to the CWC data. An important manifestation of the break-down on the current system is the growing incidence and severity of water conflicts – between States, between cities and farmers, between industry and villagers, between mankind and the environment, and within irrigated areas.

There is still enough water for all of us – but only so long as we keep it clean, use it more wisely and share it fairly. Governments must engage and lead, and we as constituents of WTC also have a role to play in this effort. Rains are not too bad at many places but not collected and only go waste. Through cumulative efforts we need to make changes to meet the escalating crisis through water conservation, recycling of water through treatment plants, harvesting of rainwater, better irrigation techniques, reforestation and better infrastructure to ensure no leakages and that multiple sources are tapped for water supply, rather than depending only on one resource until it is totally exhausted” said Mr. Ashish Modi, Asst. Director – Trade Promotion & Business Development, WTC Jaipur at the Workshop during his Welcomed Address.

Dr. Sanjay Mathur, Head- Centre for Energy and Environment, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur gave a brief presentation on Water Efficiency. He mentioned that “Water is the most important component for any society and is an important sustainable development indicator. The objective of any planned development should be to provide and ensure adequate, reliable and good quality potable water to its inhabitants. In India, there is a growing demand on the existing water resources, which includes the river water sources, precipitation and ground water sources. Estimates reveal that by 2020, India’s demand for water will exceed all sources of supply. In addition to the huge gap in demand-supply, the distribution across various regions and zones of cities is highly varied.”

He further added that the Concept “Water Conservation”, failed because everybody agrees that water is a precious commodity and should be conserved but nobody wants to make the sacrifice. The new concept “Water Efficiency” emphasises on reducing waste, and not restricting use. This has got better acceptability as nobody is asked to sacrifice there pleasure of using water.

The presentation made by Dr Mathur informed about this new concept to the audience and discuss opportunities of its application in buildings, landscape and HVAC process.

Mr Kushagra Juneja, Managing Partner, Design 2 Occupancy also gave a presentation and he mention that “Water use innovation is a step beyond just installing water efficient fixtures. It is both behavioural, social and requirement based. Water, though is a necessity, and there is a fixed minimum that each person alive would use, this has no fixed maximum. Fixing a higher tariff, is again viewed morally. Amidst all this and living in an evolving world, today’s presentation shall talk about how can we promote water use efficiency.”

Mr Rajendra Gupta, General Manager — Central Engineering & planning, National Engg. Industries Ltd., Jaipur (C.K.Birla group) mention about the best practises being adopted by their organisation to save water for ex Rain water harvesting, promoting water use efficiency and etc.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Aashish Anand, Secretary, HRAR

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